We specialize in providing prayer coverings, amish steel hair pins, keepers at home magazines, costumes, for the plain living community. Most products are made in the USA and and by the staff of Mennonite Maidens.
Round Eastern Prayer Covering with White Clips and 12 Hair pins
10 Pack 45MM Rotary Blades Olfa and Fiskar Compatible
100% Cotton Lavender D shape Kerchief
2 Pack 3" Crinkled 2" Straight Stainless Steel Amish Hair Pins
2 Pack Amish Crinkled Stainless Steel Hair Pins (24 Pins)
3 Pack 2.5" Stainless Steel Amish Hair Pins
3 Pack 3" Amish Stainless Steel Staight Hair Pins
4 Pack Straight Amish Steel Hair Pins Variety Pack
Amish Steel Hair Pins and Snaps
Amish Steel Straight Hairpins, Various Sizes
Black Cotton Wenger Bonnet by Americana
Black Garden Apron
Christian Tracts and Publication
Clothes Costume Patterns
Cotton Non-Denominational Covering (Only in Black)
Crinkled Stainless Steel Hairpins
Dresses and More
Homestead Apron
How to Sew a Headship Covering Pattern included
Keepers At Home 1 year Magazine, International Subscription
Keepers at Home Christian Magazine Summer 2014
Keepers at Home Magazine
Keepers at Home Magazine Fall 2014
Keepers At Home Winter 2014
Keepers at Home, One year Subscription
Mennonite Tract
Modest Day Dress Blue
Pilgrim White Cotton Covering with White Snaps and 12 Amish Hair Pins
Pioneer Half Apron
Prayer Coverings
Preparing a Cape Dress Pattern
S.H.W. Eastern Prayer Covering
Sewing a Cape Dress
Shipshewana IN Mesh Prayer Cap w/Ribbon in White Only
The Christian Homestead by Mennonite Maidens
The Significance of the Christian Womans Veiling Tract
White Bonnet
White Heart Snaps, 4MM
White Mop Cap
White Snaps, 3MM
White Twenty-Six Pleat Eastern Covering with White Snaps and 12 Hair Pins